How to built an outdoor kitchen island

As you can read elsewhere on our blog, we have built an outdoor kitchen. In this post, we show how the construction of the kitchen island was done. Among other things, we make a nice IKEA hack when we build in a cabinet. Large parts of the kitchen island are built of waste wood from our other projects. Good for the environment to use instead of throwing away!

We were going to build the kitschen island from scratch. As a counter top, we wanted something durable and beautiful, but also something that did not require too much work. We decided to use marble-inspired tiles. At a Bauhaus store we found 60×30 frost-proof tiles. It had to be the starting point for the construction and set the dimensions.

The tiles and the frame.

We starter by bildning a frame fitting exactly with the size of the tiles. Then it’s time to build the rest of the construction.

We decided that we should have both open and closed storage. After much thought and searching, we landed in making an IKEA hack and use the IKEA cabinet Bror as the closed storage. Ikea describes it as ”A real tough one – a sturdy storage system that can withstand moisture, dirt and heavy loads. In addition, easy to assemble, complete as needed and with a straight design language that makes it fit everywhere.” Perfect for our needs then!

The cabinet fitted in the construction.

Time to dress with panel. After that we paint with a white color which we think has a nice shade and good durability.

Time for the finale! The tile is laid in a nice pattern and we take the help of an electrician to get electricity into the cabinet.

And this is the end result!


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